Warranty & Repairs

Limited Warranty Terms And Conditions

*Please read this page carefully BEFORE contacting our PatientCare service.*

At Integrity Toys, we take pride in our work and wish to assure you that we stand behind our offerings. Although we make every effort to ensure the quality of our products, since our dolls and collectibles are handmade and hand-packed, issues may unfortunately occur from time to time. To this end, we convey only to the original owner of any of our products, who can show proof of purchase from IT Direct or authorized Integrity Toys doll dealers, a limited warranty starting from the initial date the product ships from our warehouse.


  • Integrity Toys dolls and collectibles are designed for adult collectors ages 15 and up. All the dolls shown in our official product pictures are prototypes and are subject to final production changes. Final colors, textures, hair, makeup, and other attributes may vary, and variances are not subject to warranty. Please see below for more details.
  • The warranty does not apply to dolls purchased on the secondary market on sites such as Ebay and other similar sources. We will only deal with the original owner/buyer and you must be able to provide proof that your item was purchased from an Authorized Dealer or from Integrity Toys directly for this warranty to be valid.
  • Given our warranty’s specific time limits (see below), we request that you examine your dolls and accessories immediately upon receipt.

Warranty Summary (What Is Covered)

A/Four months:

  • Doll head (facial screening, hair rooting)
  • Outfit/clothing components
  • Accessories (i.e., shoes, jewelry, hats, handbags, special parts, etc.)

B/One year:

  • Doll body
  • Hands
  • Feet

C/Not covered:

  • Hairstyle
  • Packaging
  • Printed inserts (i.e., certificate of authenticity and other printed materials)

Details & Specifics

A/ Four months:

Doll heads:

Facial screening: The majority of our dolls are screened by hand. Although we try to keep an overall consistency in the manufacturing process, due to the handcrafted nature, small size, and intricacy of our dolls’ facial screenings, variations will occur and are not necessarily defects. Only if an issue is clearly visible to the naked eye will it be covered. Issues magnified through a camera lens and seen in extreme close-ups will not be considered actual defects and will not be covered. If you feel that your dolls’ facial screening has a true and clear visible defect, please contact us. However, please note that each request will be treated on a case-by-case basis and that we reserve the right (at our sole discretion) to refuse replacement.

Hair rooting: We will only replace a head if the hairline is crooked, cracked, or otherwise physically damaged due to hair rooting upon reception of the product. Please note that this warranty does not cover actual hairstyles. In the case of up-dos or ponytail type of hairstyles, taking the intended hairstyle down will automatically void this warranty (see below for further clarification).

Other facial-related issues: Our dolls are miniature scaled models and should be considered as such. Only defects clearly visible to the naked eye will be covered; microscopic dots on the face and other issues magnified through a camera lens will not be considered actual defects.

Skin tone match: Note that different types of plastics are used to make the different components of your doll. Because of this, a slight skin tone variation between the head and body is normal and maybe more apparent when a doll is photographed than if it is seen in natural light with the naked eye. This is not a defect. *Important* Always protect your dolls from prolonged exposure to UV light (such as neon "coil" type light bulbs and/or direct sunlight) as accelerated fading and discoloration will occur over time.

Outfit/clothing components:

The use of 100% natural fabrics and materials is often an integral part our products’ manufacturing. Due to the very nature of these components, variations will naturally occur and are not defects. Our warranty does not cover variations in fabric; however, actual manufacturing defects (i.e., broken zippers, factory damaged accessories, etc.) are covered.

Accessories (i.e., shoes, jewelry, hats, handbags, special parts, etc.):

This warranty only guarantees replacement of accessories if they arrive defective, broken, or missing from the package. We will not replace items damaged by improper handling and use (i.e., trying to use accessories with other dolls than the one it was intended for, improper use, etc.).

B/One year:

Doll body:

Many tiny parts are assembled to create our doll bodies, and are designed to fit together like a puzzle to create the dolls and characters you love. We will replace the body parts of any of our dolls (within the one-year warranty time period) should a proven manufacturing defect occur. This warranty does not cover user-induced defects resulting from improper or abusive twisting and bending of limbs, dropping or mishandling the bodies, or damages from chemicals, such as acetone, etc.


Should the hands and/or feet on your doll break, they can be replaced. However, note that we may or may not have the exact hands with the correct nail polish available. Should this occur, we will send you blank/unpainted hands in the correct skin tone of your doll.

C/Not covered:


Although we try to ensure that our dolls’ hairstyles look as close as possible to the official product picture, note that all of our dolls are styled by hand; therefore, variations are possible and normal, making it impossible to offer any warranty on hairstyling. This also includes hair lengths and aspects of the style. Additionally, in the case of up-dos, ponytails, and curled hairstyles, the hair is cut and rooted as per the designers’ specs to create a specific look. Taking the hair down, washing, or straightening it will void the overall warranty on your dolls’ head.

Packaging and printed inserts (i.e., certificate of authenticity and other printed materials):

Our packaging is intended to protect its contents during transit. Since shipping is out of our control, no warranty is extended on packaging/printed items.

Warranty FAQs

Why Do You Only Offer A Limited Warranty On Your Products?

Since we mostly produce items manufactured in fixed, limited editions, we only have a small number of replacement parts available. Once replacement parts run out, we can no longer offer replacements, at which time we will offer a full refund to the original owner upon the return of the entire doll. NOTE: Once the warranty has ended on a product, replacement parts cannot be obtained (including, but not limited to, outfit components (including fabrics), accessories, heads, etc.), and we do not sell stand-alone components and parts.

Why Is This Warranty Only Offered To The Original Buyer/Owner?

Collectibles can change hands multiple times and be manipulated by various individuals during their lifetime. This is our way to ensure that in the case of a defect or missing item, the issue really originates from our factory and not from mishandling by multiple customers.

I Purchased My Item(s) On eBay Or A Third-party Transaction Site, Does The Warranty Apply?

No, since you will be required to submit proof of purchase, only products purchased directly from Integrity Toys or via one of our authorized dealers are covered by this limited warranty.

If I Return An Item For Replacement, Will I Get A New One, Or Will You Repair The One I Sent Back?

Depending on the nature of the defect, if we can, we will repair your item and send it back to you; otherwise, a new one will be provided.

I Tried Re-rooting/Repainting My Doll And It Is Now Ruined. Can I Replace It, Or Can I Purchase A Replacement Part From Integrity?

No. As much as we would like to accommodate these types of requests, modifying our product is done at your own risk and automatically voids this warranty. Also, Integrity Toys does not sell additional spare parts at any given time.

My Item Needs To Be Sent Back For Repair/Replacement. Will You Cover The Return Shipping Fees?

Whenever possible, we will send replacement parts without requesting the defective item(s) to be sent back to us; however, certain parts need to be returned for a replacement to be issued. If parts need to be returned, we will issue a shipping refund in the form of a store credit (which will be automatically applied on your next order in our online store). No PayPal or credit card shipping refund will be issued at any time.

NOTE: We will only refund First-Class shipping fees (or the equivalent basic airmail fare if you are located outside of the United States). If you opt for a faster/more expensive shipping method to return an item to our marketing office, the extra charge above the equivalent of First-Class will not be refunded. Contact us BEFORE returning your parts if you are having issues selecting the correct shipping method at your post office.

My Product Is Clearly Damaged Inside Its Box. I Collect MIB/NRFB Dolls Only (I Don't De-box My Dolls), Can I Get A Complete Replacement?

No. We will only replace missing or damaged parts. In the case of our limited-edition products, NRFB items will have to be returned and refunded in full and cannot be replaced if damaged.

I’m Part Of The W Club, Can The Liaisons Help Me With My Product Issues?

No. Although the Integrity Toys team works extremely closely with the W Club to communicate with its customers, product requests will be handled by Integrity Toys PatientCare. If you contact the W Club Liaisons, they will refer you back to the PatientCare team.

I Love Your Various Doll Bodies; Can I Purchase Several To Upgrade My Dolls Or Make My Own Dolls?

We do make bodies available occasionally. Please visit the body category in our online store regularly; if/when bodies become available, they will be listed there.

I Purchased An Item In The Online Store At Integritytoys.com And Don’t Like It. Can I Return It For A Refund?

Due to the delicate nature of our collectibles, all sales in our store are final. We will only replace damaged or missing parts. We will not make any exceptions to this rule.

I Ordered Something From The IT Direct Shopping Cart And Received The Wrong Item. What Do I Do?

Contact us at during normal business hours (Mon. - Fri., 9AM to 5PM Eastern), and someone from our team will assist you in getting the matter resolved.


Click Here To Contact PatientCare

Someone will get back to you during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday, between 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time. Normal response time is usually between 24 to 48 hours.