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Looking for a totally glam way to dress up your favorite dolls? Integrity Toys and designer Chris Stoeckel are thrilled to bring you a series of three sensational outfit sets (sold separately) inspired by the late 1970s New York nightclub scene! Designed to fit Fashion Royalty and other similar 1:6 scale (12.5-inch tall) fashion dolls.

As the velvet rope parted, a wave of anticipation rippled through the crowd, heralding the arrival of the evening's luminaries, New York's entire "who's who", the celebs everyone adored! Adorned in their finest designer creations, they glided into Studio 77, their presence electrifying the air with a palpable aura of glamour. Flashbulbs erupted like fireworks as they made their way to the VIP section, smiles as dazzling as their fame gracing their lips. In that moment, Studio 77 was not just a nightclub—it was a stage, and the fashion statements being made night after night would go on to be remembered forever! -Designed by Chris Stoeckel -Designed by Chris Stoeckel

Note: This is a fashion only; the doll modeling the outfit is not included.


  • Mix-and-match fashion look includes a chartreuse chiffon blouse with blouson sleeves and neck tie detail, high-waist pinstripe pants and matching pinstripe blazer with removable flower;
  • Removable belt;
  • Chartreuse bra top;
  • Luxury clutch purse;
  • Fedora with chartreuse band;
  • Golden high-heeled shoes with ankle strap;
  • "Gold" cuff bracelets;
  • "Gold" hoop earrings;
  • Certificate of authenticity;

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prototypes shown, final product may vary. Fashion only, doll not included. This collectible is meant for adult collectors ages 15 and up only.