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Looking for a totally glam way to dress up your favorite dolls? Integrity Toys and designer Chris Stoeckel are thrilled to bring you a series of three sensational outfit sets (sold separately) inspired by the late 1970s New York nightclub scene! Designed to fit Fashion Royalty and other similar 1:6 scale (12.5-inch tall) fashion dolls.

In the pulsating heart of Studio 77, amid a symphony of disco beats and kaleidoscopic lights, there stood a vision of elegance and allure, the epitome of 1970s glamour! Fashionably wrapped in a cascade of chiffon, her beauty shimmered like the night sky, every step a dance of grace and poise. With her stylish designer outfit, she commanded the VIP section with an air of effortless chic, a martini in one hand and the other beckoning admirers like moths to a flame. As she swayed to the rhythm of the music, she embodied the essence of timeless style and the intoxicating allure of Studio 77.-Designed by Chris Stoeckel

Note: This is a fashion only; the doll modeling the outfit is not included.


  • Mix-and-match fashion look includes a includes a chiffon one shoulder side slit gown with "gold" chain belt;
  • Metallic cigarette pants with matching bandeau bra top;
  • Matching metallic high-slit skirt;
  • Matching panties;
  • "Gold" statement necklace;
  • Matching small clutch purse;
  • Golden high-heeled mules;
  • "Gold" cuff bracelets;
  • "Gold" hoop earrings;
  • Certificate of authenticity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prototypes shown, final product may vary. Fashion only, doll not included. This collectible is meant for adult collectors ages 15 and up only.